I had surgery last Tuesday. It to remove my gallstone filled gallbladder. I’ve never had any surgery before unless you count having my wisdom teeth removed when I was about 12 years old. I don’t really remember it anymore. Anyway, it’s been a few days and I’m still in the recovery phase. There’s still some pain and my throat is a sore disaster; I keep coughing up stuff. Unfortunately I’m almost out of pain pills so I’ll soon have to hope I can get by on ibuprofen alone for the pain. I went to Walmart today and it completely wore me out. I’m a wreck. I’m trying to lose myself in The Sims 3 (as you may have noticed from my Sims Stories posts) but the game has recently started crashing at random. Sometimes it won’t even load. I tried to fix this and a few other problems I was having with my computer by wiping my main drive and reinstalling Windows. It did fix the problems I was having with Windows and cleaned up my main drive which was almost filled to capacity. I thought it was going to work for The Sims 3 as well but then it started crashing again. I don’t know what to do now and now I have to reinstall all of my programs. I downloaded and installed a few so far but there’s a lot left to do. To answer many a question, I haven’t felt artistic at all lately. In fact, one of the programs I have yet to install and am in no hurry to install is Poser. I just don’t feel up to it right now. I’ll get back to it eventually, I hope. I did install a new version of Photoshop to help me edit screenshots for my Sims Stories. It’s the new Creative Cloud edition and now I have to learn everything over again. I also need to find the installers for all of my favorite filters and just hope that they work with this new version of PS. Maybe this break from the art world will be good for me. I was starting to get or I am completely burned out. For some good news, while I dig through all of my hard drives to find installation files I am going to be looking for my old comics and graphic novels. I’ve had several people ask me about them over the years since I took them down so I guess it’s time to put them back up. I’ll start with a Star Trek parody comic I made back in, I think, 2008. After that, if I can find it, I’ll upload my first graphic novel which was Star Wars fan-fic entitled Across the Universe and then I’ll upload its sequel Echoes of Darkness. I don’t have an exact time table for this but I promise it will happen sooner rather than later. I have a draft post with the Trek comic but I’ll need to figure out exactly how to distribute the two graphic novels. Maybe I’ll just offer downloads? I’ll figure something out. If you use WordPress, like I obviously do, you may have heard about the upcoming Gutenberg update which is a new editor for WordPress and will be standard when WordPress 5.0 is released. You can download a plugin right now to test it out for yourself or just wait for the update. I downloaded the plugin and installed it to this blog to check it out. I’m not sure I like it at all. Maybe I’m just being hesitant to change but it’s just so different and I’m not in the mood for different right now. I’ll try it again later and give it a proper review. I will say that Themify plugins and themes are already setup to work with Gutenberg so at least there won’t be an compatibility issues once it’s officially released. That’s all for now. I’m going to go grab another Coke Zero and see if I can finally get The Sims 3 to load without crashing before I can save. I’ll be posting more stuff in the coming days of many varieties from Sims Stories to Game Mods to the archive of my old comics and novels. See you all then.