My Project Cleanup is progressing at an exceptional pace. I almost have my office completely cleaned up! Due to this, I have started work on Project Pop. In case you missed my previous entry, this is my project to reorganize my entire Pops collection, get them all properly displayed, update my Pops section on this blog, sell the ones I don’t need, and whatever else needs doing. Without further ado, here is Project Pop Part 1!

One problem I have been having with my displayed collection is falling Pops; mainly the Pops on the top levels of my risers falling backwards behind furniture. (I lost three or four Pops that way but luckily I have found all missing Pops during Project Cleanup.) While I was cleaning up and trying to find where to put all my empty Pop boxes, I had an epiphany! I can use my Pop boxes to keep my Pops from falling backwards by stacking the boxes up behind my risers! It works! Now I just need to get more white cloth and gently cover the boxes with said cloth so they aren’t distracting so much from the Pops. I’ll save that part of my project for another day.


Once all of my Pops were back on display, I took photos of my newest individual Pops and then group photos of each set of Pops. I now have all of the new photos up on this blog. You can see them by visiting the My Collection page. One thing I noticed AFTER taking all the photos is that I need to dust most of my Pops. That’s something I’ll do after Project Cleanup otherwise I’ll be having to do it all over again once I do more vacuuming and dusting of the rest of the room.

I’m also in the process of culling my collection and selling what I don’t want/need on eBay and right here on this blog. I just updated my For Sale page with some of the Pops I am wanting to sell. I’ll have more listed for sale as soon as I dust them off and take new photos from all angles. So far I have five listed but there are at least a dozen that I need to sell so stay tuned.

It occurs to me now that I am almost completely out of room for any more Marvel Pops and maybe Star Wars Pops. That’s not good. I don’t plan on selling any Pops from either of those series so that means no room is going to be freed up any time soon. I guess another part of Project Pop Part 2 will be to add more shelves to my room and maybe move my Doctor Who Pops to somewhere else so that I can put more Star Wars Pops in their current place. I’d still like to paint those two wooden shelves for Marvel Pops to be white like the bottom shelf and possibly any future shelves I purchase. Hmm… I have some things to think about for next time!

Okay, that’s enough for today as I am exhausted. I’ll finish messing with all my Pops in Project Pop Part 2 so you can look forward to that coming up by the end of this month (hopefully). Thank you for viewing!