Here is a list of Funko Pops that I am searching for to add to my collection. I am willing to buy them (for the right price!) or trade for them. Check out my For Sale page to see what I have to trade. If you have one or more of these Pops for sale or trade, please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

Last Updated: October 06, 2019

Star Wars

Here are the Pops that I am currently hoping for from the Star Wars series:

  •  The Last Jedi: Porg Open Mouth Chase #198
  • General Grievous #129 Walgreens Exclusive
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn #170 Star Wars Celebration Exclusive
  • Kit Fisto Walgreens Exclusive #96
  • Rise of Skywalker: Poe Dameron #310
  • Rise of Skywalker: Kylo Ren #308
  • Rise of Skywalker: Rey #307
  • Rise of Skywalker: Lieutenant Connix #319