Welcome to my brand new personal blog, The Artist in Wonderland! Okay, “brand new” isn’t entirely accurate. This blog used to be called I’m On Dream 9 but I have restarted it from scratch in addition to renaming it. (Most of the old blog posts are gone along with a few sections that never got enough attention in order to streamline things.) I didn’t import anything, everything that is here from the old blog was rewritten along with some brand new things added. All things are new again!

I’m guessing you have a few questions about this move. Here are some anticipated questions and my answers to them:

Why did I do this?

After creating a new Dream 9 Studios for 2020, I decided to do the same for this blog. At first I was going to change everything but then decided to mostly keep the layout and design elements while improving everything as I re-coded it all. I also decided not to import all of my old posts and pages to this new blog but rather rewrite what I want to keep while deleting all the rest (I backed up a copy of the old blog to my PC before deleting it, just in case). The old blog was getting so bloated and cluttered that it needed to be refreshed for 2020. It was a lot of work but I think it was worth it in the end.

Where is the ________ section?

I deleted a few of the sections that I wasn’t paying enough attention to in order to streamline the blog a bit. The biggest thing that’s gone (for now at least) is the Gaming section which included all my Sims stories and other game mods. In regards to the Sims stuff, that was all moved to Simularity. As for my game mods for Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, I’ll be submitting those to Nexus Mods very soon so you’ll be able to download them there (I’ll post when they’re up but they’re not there yet). I had always planned to write game reviews but just never got around to it and I doubt I ever will given I’ve been trying to for almost five years. If I ever do write any game reviews, I’ll create a new gaming section for them or something.

Why the name change?

I never really cared for the old blog title but I wasn’t able to come up with something better any sooner than now. Which is odd when you consider I’ve been calling myself the “Artist in Wonderland” since about 2008 or 2009 so I’m not sure why I didn’t think of calling my blog that before now. Better late than never! Oh, the URL is still the same and will remain the same: me.d9s.co

What's New?

Practically everything is new, more or less. Some of the old posts and pages from the old blog were rewritten and added here but everything else is brand new. There will be a lot more brand new stuff coming up very soon. I’ve got a few new posts in my drafts folder to finish and will publish them soon. I’ll also be posting some updates on what I’m working on and a life update.

What's This Blog ABout?

To find out what the purpose of this blog is and a brief summary of its sections, see the new Mission Statement post. I think I wrote all the needed stuff there in that post. Bascially, this is my personal blog so I can keep my business site (Dream 9 Studios) all business while still having an outlet for my personal musings. Who am I? I did write an updated About Me page for this blog and there is also a FAQ for you to browse.

I think that’s all I need to write for this post. As I mentioned earlier, stay tuned for more brand new posts coming up very soon including a life/health update, a couple updates on my various art projects, and more. To be notified when there are new posts by email, please use the form at the very bottom right of this page. Just enter your email address and click the Subscribe button. You may receive an “opt-in” email to confirm your subscription before you start receiving post updates. You could also follow me on Twitter or my new Tumblr. Thank you for viewing!