This is the mission statement for The Artist in Wonderland blog. So, what is the purpose of this blog, what is contained within it, and why should you bother browsing it? I’ll try to answer those questions and more in this very post!

I am an almost 35 year old digital artist from a little town in Southern Illinois who has a penchant for blogging. In addition to being an artist who works in the niche 3D digital art industry I am also bipolar, a hobbyist photographer with two cute chihuahuas, a collector of Funko Pops, and a PC gamer. I blog about all that and a little more here @ which is a subdomain of Dream 9 Studios. Dream 9 Studios is my official professional art gallery website where you can purchase prints of my artworks, request commissions, and more. I used to keep a blog about everything on D9S but, in 2016, I decided to split my personal musings into this blog and keep my business site as a purely business site.

The point of this blog has always been to document my progress as I try to get my life on track with some fun diversions along the way. I talk about my health and my work along with my hobbies all (hopefully) in a way that’s entertaining for both you and me.

You can find out a little more about me (in addition to reading the various posts) by viewing the Information pages which include a page about me, a FAQ, and much more.

If you would like to follow along with this blog via email, use the form at the very bottom right of this page where it says “Subscribe to Blog Via Email” and enter your email address before clicking the Subscribe button. Also, feel free to share any and all posts via the share buttons at the bottom of every post under the heading “Share This”. This is a publicly viewed blog and the more viewers the merrier so sharing links with your friends would be great!

Here are some of the topics, types of posts, and features that I will be posting on this blog:

Life Stuff

This is the main topic of the blog where I’ll post about what’s happening in my life, about my health, and how I feel. There will probably be far more rambling in this category than any other.

Status Updates

These are just quick, short posts that reflect how I’m feeling and what I’m doing at the exact moment of the post. I like looking at these via timeline to see how things are going, if there are any trends, etc.


The gallery posts feature either my photography, my art, or things from my art projects. (My main gallery for all my best artworks will always be Dream 9 Studios where you can also buy prints of said artworks.)

Archive of Old

This archive is for all my ancient art projects from a decade or so ago including online comics and graphic novels that I created. Most of the novels and comics are available as downloads for offline viewing.

Work Stuff

This topic features all the posts where I write about my work as a digital artist including commentary about the industry, new commercial products from me, and other related information.

Misc Stuff

This is a catch all for all the random posts that don’t fit in any other category/topic. This topic may include memes, favorite quotes, quick aside info posts, important links, etc.

Funko Pops

I collect little vinyl figures known as Pops by the company Funko. For this topic I post info about Pops, photos of my collection, my wish list, and Pops I have for sale with more stuff to come.


The information pages contain a FAQ, an About Me page, and more. Check out the link to see all the info that’s currently there with more to come.

That’s all I can think to write in this mission statement for now. I look forward to adding many more (happy) posts to this blog in 2020 and beyond. If you have any questions, please check the FAQ or Contact Me. Thank you for viewing and for joining me on this journey.