First Render 2020

I am finally back to being an artist again! On April 02, 2020 I rendered my first image of 2020. It’s not a full artwork, more a concept or test render, but it’s definitely something. (FYI: That’s my Harper for La Femme character rendered in Poser 11.3 Superfly.) The greatest thing about the render at left? It got my muse going and I began to create and work on my art projects once again! I have yet to create any new artworks but I have started work on several commercial projects of Poser content to be sold at Renderosity! I’m still aiming to create some new artworks before the month is over but for now I am content to work on my commercial projects (and I need the money). 

Before I get any further, I need to update you on my workflow. I may have mentioned this before (not sure) but I received a new GPU for Xmas 2019. It’s a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super! I found out, much to my immediate dismay, that Poser 11.2 did not support new GPUs like the one I had just received. I had to just use it for gaming and hope that Poser would come out with an update to support newer GPUs. That update came on March 30, 2020 at last! The 11.3 update included support for my GPU among other things and now I can finally render in Superfly at a respectable speed and quality! I actually haven’t rendered anything this year with Firefly and my CPU; I’ve just been working with Superfly and my GPU so far. So, you can expect to see far more Superfly renders from me from now on!

Now back to what all I am working on at the moment! I started by opening up my project files from December 2019 for a new character for the recently released base model from Renderosity, L’Homme which is the male counterpart to La Femme (in case the name didn’t give that away). I have now finished the files that I started on last year and have named him Milo. You can see a preview of Milo at right. While creating my test renders for Milo, I realized he is in desperate need of some clothing! My next project became a set of realistic denim textures for Tipol’s L’Homme Jeans which you can also see a preview of at right as well.

Milo in Dreamy Denim

I have completed all of the textures, presets, morphs, and thumbnails for Milo. All that’s left now is to render the promotional renders then I can submit him to Renderosity. He will be called D9S Milo. As for the jeans textures, I’m still perfecting the base texture and trying to come up with a frayed/tattered denim version. In addition to denim jeans, I also created denim shorts using the same model! Once I finish the textures I’ll move on to presets and thumbnails and then finally the promo renders. This set will be called Dreamy Denim for L’Homme. I hope to get both submitted to Renderosity before the week’s end if I’m lucky.

The New Zeeva

Last year, I released my second character for La Femme called D9S Zeeva. Not only has she not sold well at all but she got criticized by some of the powers that be at Renderosity shortly after she was released. The criticism hurt deeply at the time and so I didn’t do anything about it because I was just too depressed about it. Now, I am going to do something about it! I started over from scratch in regards to her skin textures to create something brand new and vastly improved, I hope. You can see a preview of the new Zeeva at left. I learned several new techniques while working on Milo and I implemented them in the creation of the new Zeeva. I hope those who disliked my original will like this new character set.

I have completed all of Zeeva’s textures, morphs, etc. I have finished her promotional images as well and just now submitted her updated files to Renderosity. She will be re-released as a new product once she passes testing and she will once again be called D9S Zeeva. My hope is that she will be in the store sometime later this week. 

Once I get these three projects done, I’m not sure what I will do. I haven’t decided yet whether to work on more commercial projects or try to create a new artwork or two. If I do work on more commercial projects, I’d like to create more clothing texture sets if I can. If I go the other route, I’m not sure what I’ll create. I still have my ever-growing “notebook of ideas” to look through and see if an idea appeals to me to turn it into an artwork. Maybe I’ll give it a look once I finish all these promotional renders…

One reason I am working on so many commercial projects is because I am in desperate need of cash to support my art projects. That said, in addition to the commercial projects I am also in the process of overhauling my Patreon page with new benefits and improved perks for each tier. I even started a Discord server for Dream 9 Studios. Click here to join the server. Any fan of my art is welcome to join the server and chat about art or whatever. Patrons, as one of their perks, will receive special Discord roles on the server. I’m still coming up with more ideas of how to improve my Patreon so stay tuned. If you have suggestions, let me know.

That’s all for now. I’m currently busy rendering those aforementioned promo images so I need to go back to focusing on that. I’ll post here again soon. Thank you for viewing!