As I mentioned in my previous post New Projects, I am working on several projects in the month of May. Today we will talk about my largest and most physically exhausting project, Project Cleanup. The outline for this project is to completely clean up all three of my rooms. Before we go any further, there are no before photos here or anywhere else. Why? That is because I am ashamed of just how horrible my rooms looked previous to this project. I didn’t even want to take photos that only I would ever look at! So how bad was it? After four years of depression where I didn’t give a damn about anything including ever cleaning my rooms…. ever see an episode of Hoarders? Dad said my rooms looked like something they would have on that show. Even though I am not nor have I ever been a hoarder, the rooms were in very BAD shape. So, yeah. I really, really had my work cut out for me to get these disaster areas cleaned up. So, on to the cleaning rundown!

I began in my office room. After picking up all the trash and empty soda cans, I then went to work cutting up all the empty shipping boxes I had stacked on one side of the room. I am relieved to say the only spiders I came across while clearing out the boxes were dead spiders. Here’s hoping I stay that lucky as I continue. Once the boxes were all out, I got a large shop vacuum and used it on the floor to get the pieces that were too big for the regular vacuum but too small for me to pick up. Once that was completed, I got the regular vacuum out and went over the floor again. (Since I keep trailing stuff into my office from my other two rooms that aren’t as clean yet, I’ll have to vacuum again once I am near finished with the entire project.) After all that, I started clearing off the furniture including my desk and got to work on Project Pop for a while (the project which is to clean up and reorganize my Funko Pop collection). 

My office is pretty much cleaned up now. I still need to clean up my smaller bookshelf and a few little things like that plus vacuum again but most of the work is now done. I can now focus on improvements to my office. What improvements? First of all, I used a small portion of my stimulus money to purchase a new desk for myself. This desk is made from glass and steel so I will no longer need to worry about water damage to my desk! I used the bulk of said stimulus to purchase upgraded computer parts for my work computer. You can find out more about the computer and the new desk in Project Major Upgrade. I also am going to take down all of my old posters that were hung up in 2012 and replace them with new posters of my more recent artworks. (I haven’t purchased the new posters yet, I’m waiting for my next paycheck.) I will also hang up some picture frames and other decor such as curtains for my window. Once all is done, I will have one hell of a great looking office!

Next, I started working on my bedroom again by picking up all trash and empty cans (in case you are wondering, the empty cans are of either Coke Zero or A&W Diet Root Beer; no beer cans as my uncle just teased me about). After that, I began cutting up all the shipping boxes I found stacked in two corners of my bedroom but stopped when I found a LIVE SPIDER! I’ll admit it, I screamed and then dropped the box. I had to take a break from cleaning my bedroom after that incident so I started work on my bathroom instead.

My bathroom was quite the mess but I again started by clearing the floor and then the sink countertop before using the big shop vac on the floor. Once cleared, I got to see just how awful the countertop looked. It was filthy and sticky and there was some sort of black goo that did not want to be cleaned up. With lots of cleaner, a scrub brush, and lots of elbow grease, I finally got the countertop sparkling clean. It took about an hour of scrubbing to get it clean. My arms were both numb after the scrubbing (yesterday) and later hurt like hell. I wasn’t done with the scrubbing yet though, I still had my bathtub to scrub. I wanted to finish cleaning the entire bathroom last night but I became too exhausted. I’ll clean out all my toiletries from the bathtub shelves today and then get back to scrubbing away all the soap scum. I look forward to getting this done. I can’t tell you how weird it is to get myself clean in a dirty tub. Granted, I take showers not baths but still, it would be nice for the bathtub surface to be clean too.

Once all the scrubbing of the bathtub is complete, I will vacuum the floor with the regular vacuum. After that the bathroom will be completely clean except for the toilet which will need to be cleaned with acid… I shit you not! I forget what kind of acid it is but it clears the whole thing so that not only will it look like brand new but flush like brand new too. After the cleaning comes the improvements! I don’t have much planned for my bathroom. A couple of the pictures I had hanging on the walls fell down in the past four years so I’ll hang those back up. I might get a new shower curtain liner too because I doubt my old one is worth cleaning. Oh, and I’ll put the toilet paper roll on the toilet paper roll holder! Yes, I’m getting fancy! LOL

The final room to clean in my Project Cleanup will be my bedroom. I have made a good start on it but there is still much to do. To finish cleaning up all the empty soda cans and trash, I had to get a rake (yes, the thing you use outside to gather leaves) and use it to clear out everything that had somehow got under the bed (I don’t remember purposefully putting anything under there, stuff just got pushed or rolled or whatever.) I will next finish cutting up the boxes… hopefully the spider has left by now and if not, I’ll scream again and ask for Dad to come kill the damn thing. After that, I will finish clearing off and cleaning all the furniture. Then, cleanup all the clothes I have piled in a corner for some reason (clean clothes, I have done laundry several times in the past four years in case you were worried about that). Then I will get out the vacuum and vacuum not only my bedroom but all three rooms one more time. At least one more time. I may need to shampoo these rugs at some point because they are not the color they should be.

As for improvements to my bedroom, I don’t have much planned. I’m thinking about eventually getting curtains for the bedroom but I haven’t decided about that yet. I will be moving around some of the posters in my bedroom to better display them and add a couple that I will be moving in here from my office later. Oh, I do need to hang on the wall a remote control holder I bought a while back so that’s something. I plan to get rid of my old orb chair that only Aayla and Pixie ever used (they would jump from the floor to the chair to my bed) and replaced it with a set of doggie stairs. So far, neither dog will use the damn stairs but I’ve only had them in here for a couple days and things take time to get used to. Other than that, just having a clean bedroom will be improvement enough.

That’s all for Part 1. In Part 2 of Project Cleanup, I will have all three rooms completely cleaned up and show off some “after” photos with you so you can share in my triumph. I don’t know when I will be able to post Part 2 but it will probably be sooner rather than later (definitely before the end of May) because I’m getting closer to having this project done each and every day. Thank you for reading and I so look forward to having this project completed!