Things were going pretty good there for a while but towards the end of June… everything went to hell. I can’t pinpoint where it started going downhill or why. I just know that it did. I started having a mixed episode and stopped working on my art. I also started noticing a numbness in my right hand, specifically on the outer part of my right hand including my ring finger and pinky. I also noticed my headaches were getting worse and I didn’t know why since I was on a new medication that was supposed to stop those headaches from even happening. Oh and I gained about ten pounds. These past two months have been a total shit show.

So what is going on with the numbness in my right hand? Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. The Ulnar Nerve in my arm is damaged and needs to be repaired. According to the nerve study I had done the damage is moderate and my only option is surgery as soon as possible as it won’t get better on its own, only worse. The surgeon I was referred to hasn’t called back with an appointment yet and the numbness seems to be getting worse/more painful by the day. I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s getting harder to use a mouse and painful to type on a keyboard. I’m even more worried about the surgery. How long will the recovery time be? How long will I be without the use of my right arm/hand? More specifically, how long will I have to be off my computer where I do all my work?


As for why my headaches are getting worse, that’s probably due to me now needing a root canal. What’s even better is that due to the current plague, my dentist isn’t doing treatments yet except emergency extractions. The tooth I need the root canal on is my very front tooth so I definitely don’t want it extracted. I just have to wait impatiently and continue to call their office to see when they reopen and start doing treatment again and then see when I can actually get an appointment to get this damn tooth taken care of so I can be without that pain again.

Not everything is horrible though. I’ve rekindled my interest in the Sims 4 and, perhaps more importantly, rekindled my interest in modding the Sims 4. I founded my Sims 4 fan site named Simularity back in August of 2019 but have only fiddled with it off and on for a few weeks at a time since. Now I’m getting serious with it. I’ve been creating mods and custom content addons like mad the past month or so and I’m finally starting to gain an audience. My new Tumblr mirror site that I started last week now has about 17 or 18 followers with over 200 likes on its posts. My Twitter has 8 followers. My Simularity main website has had nearly 5,000 unique visitors and counting. It’s a good start! I’m still creating more content, and learning more about content creation and coding mods. I look forward to creating even more for the game and learning even more. The modding community for the Sims 4 is quite nice and neighborly. I’ve gotten a lot of help from them and couldn’t have made it this far without their help. I have to also admit that being able to chat with them all on Discord is seriously helping me with my social anxiety. It’s a win-win!

So what have I been creating for the Sims 4 game? Well, in regards to mods, I created an Agoraphobia Trait and a Bipolar Trait so that my Sims could experience each respective mental illness. I built the traits based on my own experiences, of course. In regards to custom content, my digital art skills are coming in to play. I painted some lifelike eyes and realistic full body freckles for my Sims. I also converted several of my digital artworks into Sims 4 objects so that my Sims could hang my IRL artworks on their own walls in the game! I could tell you more, but it’s so much easier to just show you. Please visit my Simularity website to see all there is to see!

That’s all I can type now. The pain in my arm is getting to me. Thank you for viewing, as always. I hope to have happier news to report next time… whenever next time will be…