It is now May 2020 and I plan to fill this month up with special projects! I’ll list the most important ones here and give you a summary of what I plan to do. I’m looking forward to completing them all, if I can. I will do my best!

Project Cleanup

This is a big one and something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. My rooms are disaster areas and desperately need to be cleaned. (I didn’t clean while I was too depressed to do so). So, that’s what I’m going to do. I already started on this project a couple days ago by cleaning while my computer was rendering (multitasking for the win) and made some progress during that time. I need to more; a lot more. I want to transform all three of my rooms into pristine living areas by the end of this month. Will I accomplish this? I hope so but we shall see when we shall see. I’ll keep you posted.

Project Birdie

Ken Gilliland of Hivewire3D is the 3D avian master. He creates 3D models of various birds for Poser and DS. His current focus is on parrots and I love parrots (I used to have some). I plan on purchasing his parrots and other bird models during the current Audubon Sale where all of his bird packs are on sale with deep discounts and over 33% of the proceeds goes to the Audubon Society to save and protect wild birds. Once I get my hands on these models, I will render my heart out with artworks featuring the beautiful birds! I just have to wait for last month’s paycheck to arrive and then I can get the birds and then get to work! I’ve got several ideas sketched out already and I bet I can come up with even more in time. This is going to be fun!

Project Major Upgrade

I got my stimulus check! What am I going to do with it? Something essential! I am going to upgrade my work desktop PC into a better powerhouse for rendering. I plan on upgrading the motherboard, processor, memory, and tower case. I wanted to do more but I plan on giving the bulk of my check to my parents (they need it more than I do) so I’m keeping the upgrade to the minimum of what I absolutely need. I had originally planned to build a second work desktop but I’ll do that another time and just focus on upgrading my current desktop. I plan to get an AMD Ryzen 7 3600X 8-Core Processor which will be quite the upgrade to my AMD FX-9370 Black Edition 8-Core. I will also upgrade my 16GB Of DDR3 1333 RAM with 32GB of DDR4 3200 RAM. My PC will fly when I get these upgrades installed! I already have a new GPU that I got for Xmas (Nvidia GeForce RTX 1660 Super) so no need to upgrade that and I think my PSU is still good and sufficient for these upgrades. The new case I have picked out will only house two of my three HDD drives plus my SSD. I’ve already been clearing out hard drive space and consolidating my drives for the upgrade/move. I just have to wait for the parts to get here and then I can get started!

Project Pop

My Funko Pop collection is currently in disarray, much like the room I display them in. I need to reorganize them, update my cataloging, sell ones I don’t really care for, improve my displays, and take new photos. I’ll take care of this project once Project Cleanup is complete or close to completion because to do otherwise would be counterproductive. I have acquired about a dozen new Pops since the last time I updated that section of this blog and I haven’t photographed any of them yet. So, once Project Cleanup is at least 1/3 done (meaning the room I display them in is all cleaned up) then I will work on this Project Pop.

Commercial Art Projects

I also have several commercial projects that I hope to complete and have released in the month of May. My first two projects of the month are characters for La Femme. One is named Faye (a seasonal Spring fairy) and the other is Sadie (a film noir siren). Faye is almost finished and has been submitted to Renderosity. I’m still working on Sadie and it will be a while before she is ready. I also started on a brand new V4 character but she’s too early in development to say too much about yet. There are a few clothing texture packs I hope to create and finish this month as well. Stay tuned to Dream 9 Studios for my next WIP (works in progress) post where I’ll show you previews of what I’m working on. I haven’t written nor published said post yet, I want to get a little further along with my projects first.

Artwork Projects

I created over a dozen brand new artworks last month! That might be a record for me but I haven’t really kept track in the past 20 years that I’ve been doing this. Still, I’d like to at least meet or perhaps beat that record in May. My “notebook of ideas” is filled with sketched out ideas for new artworks and I’m adding to it all the time as inspiration strikes. I need to work a little more on my commercial projects right now but I will get to creating new artworks very, very soon. There are also a few more contests I want to enter…

There are other things I want/need to do but what I listed here are my priorities for this month. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as the month, and my work, goes on. Thanks for viewing!