The short version: I feel absolutely horrible but I’m working on my various art projects in spite of it which is keeping my spirits up. I don’t know what’s wrong with me (physically). I’m going to try to get in to see my doctor sometime next week or run by the same-day clinic if nothing else. I feel like I’m coming down with the flu and I’ve been having some of the worst stress headaches I’ve ever had (including one hell of a headache right now). I really, really hope it’s not the flu. I had that a couple of years ago and I never want to go through that again. I should have gotten my flu shot by now but I keep putting it off for the stupidest and laziest of reasons. I’ll get one when I see the Doc. Until then, various types of pain and sinus pills are my best friends right now.

Although physically I am feeling like shit, mentally I’m feeling fairly good. Working on my art projects always makes me happier and I’ve been working on them a lot lately. That said there are a lot of other things I need to do, like cleaning my rooms and cooking those fresh vegetables I bought into pasta, but it’s hard to get up and moving. Although I have been working on my art projects a lot, that’s mostly in between long naps. I feel so damn weak and rundown! It’s hard to stay up for even a few hours at a time. I’ve lately been taking naps while my computer renders so I can rest but still get some work done. I can hardly wait for whatever sickness this is to pass and to pass quickly.

As mentioned, I’ve been working on my various art projects at a mad (but not manic) pace. I’ve finished several new artworks this month along with several new 3D content products for Renderosity. What’s crazy is that I’m right now working on more art projects including a couple more products and a couple more artworks. I want to create a few more artworks before this month is over and have some new products ready to go for next month. I’ll write another “Happy Productivity” post here soon with all the stuff that I’m working on at the moment.  Until then, check out Dream 9 Studios or my Renderosity shop.

In other “life news”, I broke my ergonomic keyboard a couple days ago. How? I spilled a cup of veggies (peas and carrots) on it and then half the keys stopped working. So much for trying to eat healthy! I tried blowing it out, letting it dry out, etc. It’s totally “borked”. I am now using a temporary keyboard that’s about a quarter of the size and completely straight. It’s weird to type on and I keep hitting the wrong keys which sucks when I’m trying to do Photoshop shortcuts. I keep hitting Ctrl+Q (which instantly quits the program) instead of Ctrl+A. It’s a pain but I can’t afford a new keyboard just yet. I’m trying to save up my money for a total computer upgrade or at least a GPU upgrade by the end of this year. We shall see if I actually manage to do it or not. I’m guessing I’ll have to wait until later next year but I’ll keep trying to save up my money regardless between now and whenever “then” is.

That’s all for this health/life update. I need to go lay down again once I get this next scene setup for rendering. Thank you for viewing and I hope you’ll visit again next time there’s an update post.