After months of sickness and depression, I am finally feeling good again! (Better living through chemistry is necessary when you have a chemical imbalance. One of my medications was increased last month and it did the trick.) Here’s hoping it lasts a long time this time. As a result of my good mood and health, I have been working on my art projects including both new artworks and commercial 3D content. I want to do more though and by that I mean more than just art projects. I’m planning to do a lot of spring cleaning and who knows what else. Maybe I’ll finally work some on my physical health.

Dreamy Shirts for L'Homme

First off, my art projects. I have released five new Poser products this month at Renderosity which I do believe is a new record for me. Yay! I have more products in the pipeline but I’m taking my time in creating them (as I always do) to make sure they’re as perfect as I can make them before I submit them to the marketplace. I am mainly creating new characters and clothing texture sets for the new La Femme and L’Homme figures for Poser 11. I may create something for V4 and/or M4, for old times sake, but I haven’t decided yet. You can see three of my new products in the promotional art at left; D9S Milo, Dreamy Denim, and Dreamy Shirts.

In addition to the commercial work, I have created eight new artworks so far this month and I have yet another rendering right this minute. (You can see my most popular artwork so far this month, Gone Fishing, at right.) That may be a record for number of artworks in a single month but I’m not sure plus I’m not done yet! I’m inspired to create more and my muse is in overdrive. I have my “notebook of ideas” opened up on my desk and I’m picking out various sketches from it to turn into artworks. I’m not sure what I will create next once my current render finishes… maybe something sci-fi? I haven’t created a sci-fi artwork in a while. I guess we shall all find out when we find out! You can see all of my latest and greatest artworks at Dream 9 Studios.

Gone Fishing

To support my ability to create artworks, in addition to creating and selling products on Renderosity, I am revamping my Patreon page and all of its perks. I’ve already added new perks including free prints for various tiers and Discord benefits for all tiers but I plan to add more. My next addition will be free desktop wallpapers created from my artworks for all paying patrons of every tier. I am also planning a series of introductory tutorials which I am now writing and will record soon. I may write up some step by step guides of how I created some of my most popular artworks but I haven’t decided on that one yet. 

Oh yeah, I made a few updates here on this blog. I added some new photos of Aayla and Pixie to their respective galleries. I also added a gallery post of my best artworks from 2019. I’ll soon be updating more including my Pops section with all the new Pops I have acquired since the last time I updated that section.

Art projects and websites aren’t the only things I’m working on though. Today will be the first day of my gigantic Spring Cleaning Project. My three rooms should be classified as disaster areas, to put it mildly! Today I will start working on cleaning up my office. Who knows how long it will take (days? weeks?) but I am determined to get it all cleaned up. I will keep you updated on my progress. If I succeed, not only will I have clean rooms but also will have burnt up quite a bit of calories!

Staying In

Oh, one last word about art projects. There are several contests going on at the moment and I’ve decided to enter some of them. First, Poser is running a “Let’s Stay In” contest where you could win a copy of Poser 12 (the new version coming out later this year). I’ve already finished my entry for that contest and have submitted it. Winners will be announced on May 6. Another contest I’ve decided to enter is the “Stay Home, Spread Hope” contest over at HiveWire3D. I’m actually finishing up my entry for that contest right now (it’s rendering). You can enter into that contest multiple times so I may make another entry or two depending on if I can come up with more ideas. There’s also the “Start with Love” poster challenge at Deviant Art but I haven’t come up with an idea for that one yet.

That’s all for now. I need to go work on my projects as that contest render should be about done by now so I can get to postworking it. After that, I think I’ll call it an early night and catch up on my sleep. Aayla has been begging me to go to bed for about an hour now. Poor thing doesn’t like to sleep alone! Thank you for viewing and take care!