Due to a plethora of reasons, I haven’t posted here since August when I posted Pain On Top of Pain. That post was mainly about my developing cubital tunnel syndrome. Well, I had the nerve decompression surgery back on October 08 and it was a success. I now have regained some of the feeling in my hand and fingers but not 100%; that will come in time. The surgeon said to give it about six months to regain full functionality but I am making great progress so far. After the surgery I had to stay off my computer for over two weeks which was difficult but somehow I managed. I’m now back at it thankfully. I still have some pain in my elbow where the surgery took place but hopefully that will continue to heal in due time. It would probably heal sooner if I let it rest more but, dammit, I have work to do!

I didn’t really get back to work until early November. At first, I got to work on my artworks and mostly I got to work creating commercial projects for my store at Renderosity to make some money. My stress level was going through the roof and my depression worsening by the hour when I got kicked in the teeth by an unkind admin at Renderosity. I’m not going to go into it but it stopped me cold. I tried contacting another admin but all that did was confuse me further so I just stopped everything I was doing. I took a break from commercial content before I completely lost my mind.

I finally called my psych doctor for help with my deteriorating mental health and she put me on yet another medication that should be kicking in as of today (it takes two weeks and it was two weeks ago today that I started the new med). I am feeling better now though considering what a mess I was, just about anything would be an improvement. Although for the past two weeks I’ve had the worst sinus infection of my life. It was so bad I got a COVID-19 test just in case. It was negative, thankfully. The infection is finally subsiding now and I’m almost back to normal. Almost. Now that I am feeling better though, I’m trying to catch up on a few things and projects…

I’m getting a lot of requests to update my Sims 4 mods from my Simularity website. I tried to update a few of them the other day but apparently it’s going to be harder to do than I first thought it would be and I got discouraged. I’ll try again real soon as I haven’t completely given up yet and I’m still getting more requests about it. 

So what am I actively doing at the moment? Well, I’ve resumed work on my graphic novel! Yes, the Shelby Bly Project is back in business. The main hurdle for me getting back to work on it this past year was whether or not to keep rendering the thing in the Firefly render engine or take the time to convert everything to the new Superfly engine which renders far faster. I finally decided on the latter. I’m now in the process of converting all of my previously created assets for the novel to Superfly and then I’ll create new assets and concept art while I create storyboards for the future illustrations. I’m also working on new promotional art and I created a brand new website for the project to house all of the new stuff I’ve created. You can see it here. I’ll make another more detailed post here about it soon. 

I’m also working on a v2021 Dream 9 Studios website with various improvements and whatnot. I plan on finishing and uploading the new site sometime next month. I’m almost finished, I just need to write up a few more pages and I’ll be done. I’ll post a status update or something here once the new site is live. I wanted to update this site as well for the new year but I’m running out of time and I don’t know what I really need to upgrade on this site as it looks good to me as-is. I’ll think about it some more.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Isn’t that enough?? Ha. I’ll try to keep this blog more regularly updated now that I’m healing and mostly recovered… finally. I’ll at the very least start doing status updates again. Until next time… Take care and happy holidays!