The Journal is where I keep all of my normal, non-themed day to day posts about life, work, and everything in-between. Select one of the links below to view the posts for that topic. Be forewarned that I do tend to ramble a bit when posting about the life topic. It can’t be helped! Work relates to my work as a digital 3D artist. Misc stuff is all the random posts that don’t fit anywhere else which includes links, memes, quotes, and more that I’m just too lazy to categorize otherwise. 

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I feel now is the perfect time for a semi-serious disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are my own and aren’t worth the screen they are viewed on. Don’t sue me; I have no money so it would just be a waste of your time. I mean no offense, slander, hate, or ill feelings towards anyone or anything. Seriously. Some of the artwork previewed may or may not contain some artistic nudity of 3D models.