Here are some common questions with answers about this blog and all the stuff in it. If you have a question about I’m On Dream 9 that isn’t answered here, use the form at the bottom of the page to ask me or contact me.

Last Updated: August 05, 2018

General FAQs

  • Short answer: I did. Long answer: It’s a WordPress based site using a theme from Themify that I altered to suit my needs. I wrote all the posts, created all the pages, etc. all on my own. I also maintain this website/blog to keep it updated and running. I wish I had some help but it’s just me here.

  • To see all of my latest and greatest artworks plus a shop to buy high quality prints of them, see my official website at Dream 9 Studios.

  • They are just quick posts about what I’m doing at the moment. I find them interesting to track what I’m up to on any given day. Status updates are always posted in green.

  • Links posts are just posts containing links to sites that I find of special interest and think others may be interested in as well. Link posts are always in blue.

  • The illness is Bipolar I with agoraphobia and acute panic disorder.

  • I do, of course. They’re all just quickly done vignettes that I try to make look as good as I can while at the same time making sure not to spend too much time on any given one. Thus why I called them quick vignettes. LOL

  • I have tried to in the past and I may try again but I don’t have any concrete plans as of right now. Stay tuned to the blog and I’ll post if any such plans are made.

  • The best place is to buy it direct from me. I sell prints of all my artworks via the integrated shop on the Dream 9 Studios website. I also sell some prints and print products at RedBubble and Zazzle.

  • Standard and gallery posts are white. Status updates are green. Links are blue. Quotes are in pink. Single images and memes are in yellow. Aside posts are red.

  • All of my pre-2012 graphic novels and online comics are, as far as I know, not posted anywhere online at the moment. They used to all be found in my Renderosity gallery but a glitch in the system deleted them all along with everything else I posted in the past. I’m now in the process of locating them and once I do, I’ll post them here on this blog. Check out the Archive of Old project for more information.

  • I named her after my favorite Star Wars extended universe character, Aayla Secura.

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