About Me

This is me

This is me

I’m just an eccentric 34 year old artist, writer, dreamer living in Southern Illinois. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and agoraphobia when I was about 16 years old. I have been living with mental illness most of my life and it’s a daily struggle just to keep going. Thanks to a combination of medication and psychotherapy, I have been having longer and better phases where I actually feel “normal” and it’s becoming more of a upward trend for me. I’m usually more active on this blog when I’m feeling better than when I’m in a depressed state as during the latter I tend to neglect everything.

Although I took classes and learned traditional art from my dad, I am a self-taught digital artist. I began learning to create digital art around 1997 starting with Paint Shop Pro 4 and then got into Poser 4 in 1999. I’ve been writing and illustrating my own graphic novels and online comics since about 2005 (my old work can be found in this blog’s Archive of Old and my newest graphic novel project is the Shelby Bly Project). On June 9, 2006 I founded Dream 9 Studios which is my official art studio business. The official website can be found here. It is on that website that I not only display all of my best art but also sell prints in a variety of types and sizes.

I used to post everything on my Dream 9 Studios site but in late 2015, I started this personal blog so I could keep my business site, all business while still being able to blog about everything else right here.

I have an adorable chihuahua named Aayla and I share a RatCha named Pixie with my parents. I used to own a few parrots but one died from old age and the other developed severe neurological problems so I had to give him up to someone who could better care for him. Photos of all my pets, past and present, can be found on my Pet Photography page.

You can find me on Facebook by clicking here. I tend to only friend people who have at least 10 mutual friends but if you’re visiting this blog and want to friend me, just send me a message saying who you are and why you want to friend me on Facebook so I’ll know. You can find all my other social links via the icons at the top of this and every page.

Last updated: October 09, 2019