The Vera Rigby Chronicles was an idea I had for a series of short graphic novels starring a spy (Vera Rigby) in an alternate universe set in the swinging 1960s. I was inspired by one of my favorite games of all time, No One Lives Forever, but I wrote this as an original story with all original characters, etc. The first novel was titled From the Shadows and was supposed to be the first of at least three novels. I started production on the novel in the spring of 2009.

Unfortunately, the pages of the novel that I posted on Renderosity and elsewhere were not nearly as popular as my adventure novels and the lack of interest hurt me greatly. So, the project was abandoned before the first novel could be completed.

When this novel was being worked on, I still used the program Paint Shop Pro and so all the files from this unfinished novel were saved in that format. When I found all the old files and decided to add them to my Archive of Old, I was unable to open the files due to no longer having the PSP program. Thankfully, one of my Facebook friends came through for me and converted the third chapter’s image files to .jpgs for me. (Thanks, William Lee!) I have no idea what font I had used for the original panels so the last chapter’s panels have a generic font which extends past the dialog bubbles.

In the zip file available for download below, you’ll find the completed first two chapters plus what could be recovered of the unfinished third chapter. I’m a little sorry I never finished this as it wasn’t half bad. I may revisit and rewrite this story at some point and create a new novel. That would be cool but also a lot of work. We shall see. If you like what you see and want to see it revisited, let me know or leave a comment below. I do listen!

Vera Rigby Chronicles

This graphic novel from 2009 was never completed. All that I was able to find and recover from the novel is now in this zip file.