In 2010, I finished my second graphic novel, Echoes of Darkness. It’s the sequel to Across the Universe which can be found here. If I remember correctly, this novel takes place right after AtU with no time jump and stars most of the same characters. That said, I upgraded all of the models for this novel since the previous one which is why they all look a bit different. (AtU was based on the Aiko 3 and Hiro 3 models while EoD is based on Victoria 4 and Michael 4 models.)

There was supposed to be a third graphic novel in this “trilogy” called Shattered Infinities but it never got past the first draft phase and therefore doesn’t exist. Sorry!

The full novel can be downloaded in a zip file using the button below. The zip file is hosted by Dropbox. You don’t need to be a Dropbox member to download the file. Downloading the file is completely free.

Echoes of Darkness

This zip file contains the full graphic novel from 2010, Echoes of Darkness, by Lizzie Prusaczyk of Dream 9 Studios.

Size: 20.1 MB