I started to seriously create 3D art in the summer of 2003 (after about four years of just messing around with it and not really getting anywhere) and one of the first things I wanted to do was create my own Lara Croft toon being that I was (and still am) a Tomb Raider fan. I used a model named Koshini as my base and created a few one-shot art pieces using my little “Kroftini” character. I created my own outfits based on Lara Croft’s many outfits for my Kroftini. I’m still looking for all the one-shots I created but once found, I’ll add them here.

Pacific Raider 2
Underwater Raid
Jungle Raid

Sometime around 2006 or 2007 I started making my own little online comics starring my newly named character “Cate Kroft” using another toon model as my base named Krystal. (She was named “Cate Kroft” after my two favorite video game characters at the time; Lara Croft and Cate Archer.) I posted these to Renderosity and a now defunct website called Poser Pros. I posted around eight stories with several “intermissions” in-between but I am still trying desperately to locate them all. With Poser Pros gone and given that Renderosity deleted most of my gallery there during a glitch, the only hope are my two older back up hard drives and I’ve been searching them like crazy with no luck so far. I do have a few backup discs from around that time so I’m going to try to find those discs and hope that the comics are on one of those. I even tried Archive.org and searched for my old website but no luck there either. Still, I did manage to find these eight “covers” which I created on the off-chance I ever had them published… which I didn’t. I’ll post the covers below.

Peril in Paradise
Deep Trouble
The Lost Valley
Cold Hearted
Tomb of Anubis
The Mystique
Happy Xmas

That’s all I could find for now. I’ll keep searching for more. Hopefully I’ll be able to find them all and then post them as a zip for download like I have all the other stuff I’ve found thus far. I will say that this has taught me the importance of making multiple backups of all my art project files. Hopefully I’ll never lose my work like this ever again!

Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for more!