When I got my first copy of the Poser program in 1999 (it was Poser version 4), I dreamed of using it to create my own illustrated stories using 3D characters. It wasn’t until about 2006 when I created my first online comics using toon style characters. The first few comics were either adventure stories inspired by my love of Tomb Raider (called the Adventures of Cate Kroft) or cute parodies such as one inspired by Star Trek using the characters from my adventure series. They weren’t illustrated like typical comic books and graphic novels but single frames one after the other, all the same size. I posted these online comics on sites such as Poser Pros (now defunct), RuntimeDNA (now defunct), and Renderosity (still up but they defuncted my gallery there and deleted almost everything from 2003 on up). As far as I know, there are no websites where these early comics are still up.

In about 2008, I graduated from toon style figures to slightly more realistic human models by Daz3D and also began work on my first graphic novel. It was a fan-fic novel based on the Knights of the Old Republic video games. The title was Across the Universe and it was my answer to the third game we never got. A couple years later, I made a sequel entitled Echoes of Darkness. The first novel, Across the Universe, was like my online comics in that it was one frame after another all of the same size. When I created Echoes of Darkness, I finally started creating page layouts like a traditional graphic novel. Again, I posted these novels to a variety of websites but again they are no longer available for viewing for various reasons.

In 2009, I began brainstorming what would eventually become the Shelby Bly Project. If you’re familiar with the project from this blog, you know I created a sub-par graphic novel in 2012 using the Shelby Bly character and the original story. It is also no longer available for viewing anywhere just like everything else. (The new novel is still in pre-production but I am working on it.)

After countless requests to see these early attempts at comics and graphic novels, I am now searching my external hard drives (including the ancient one) to find the original images and renders that made up these stories. So far, I have found a few but not all of them. I’ll keep searching until I find them all. For now, I need to figure out how to display the ones that I have found. So far, I’ve found my Star Trek parody comic and the graphic novels Across the Universe and Echoes of Darkness. I’m still looking for everything else and I know for a fact there is a lot yet to find. I still want to find my original Adventures of Cate Kroft, my spy novel, and I think there were a few more parody things. I’ll probably also post the original Journeys of Shelby Bly too though I need to figure out where it is first.

Starting now, I will post the Star Trek parody comic strip. After that I’ll figure out some way to share the two graphic novels based on Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Subscribe to my blog via email using the form at the bottom of this page to be alerted when I post these and other things. Thank you for your interest!