Digital artwork and 3D illustrated graphic novels are not cheap to produce. In addition to the unbelievable amount of time and effort required, there is also the required computer hardware, specialized software and programs, 3D models, designer resources, etc. and all that costs a lot of money. I am not a rich person; far from it, actually. I need your help to continue creating the various projects you see on this site and others including Dream 9 Studios and the Shelby Bly Project. Anything you can afford to give would be greatly appreciated. 100% of all donations go straight into supporting my art and creative projects. All donations are handled securely through PayPal.

Accepts PayPal

There are other ways to help if you are not interested in a straight donation.

  • I sell prints and other art products via Dream 9 Studios.
  • I am also selling products at Zazzle and Red Bubble.
  • If you are a digital artist who uses Poser in their toolkit, you may be interested in buying something from my stores at Renderosity and Daz3D.
  • I am also selling Funko Pops from my personal collection, for more info see the For Sale page.
  • You can also support my various projects and work through Patreon where I offer gifts for various donation tiers.

Thank you for your consideration. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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